Monday, May 28, 2018

Lily has her 3rd birthday!

Notice she is licking her tongue after a taste of her birthday cake!
Thank goodness she has calmed down some by age 3. She was and is a high energy
cat..She is just becoming more affectionate in that she will now sit with me and rub
against my leg when she is in the mood to do so.
She no longer climbs my curtains ...she likes for me to hold a laser pointer
and let her run after it in the house...She is totally spoiled! 

May walking through Sheri's healing flower garden!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mother doe shows love to her daughter!

Sometimes  humans forget that animals  feel and  show love such as this deer teaching her child how to groom itself . This was very touching to me to be able to watch this act of love from a window at my home. Notice the wet fur on the little does neck where she was groomed then she groomed her mother and her mother closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt the love her little one had for her!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

New fawn comes to visit with its mother!

 we have a family of deer that  through the years have come drink fresh water and graze and have their pictures taken ...This mother doe brought her fawn to our yard for the lst time yesterday!
What a joy to see the fawn!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lily has her 2nd birthday !

Lily turned 2 years old this month in May of 2017!

Working with a cat to photograph them takes endurance and patience of which I have had to develop over many years!

 I placed  the table cloth and presents and  positioned Lily on the table for photographs. 

 I  returned from the kitchen with the birthday cake  to find she had skidded off the table and drug the entire   table of presents and gifts off the table to the floor! 

 Hope you enjoy the pictures which took me over an hour holding a heavy camera in one hand and a wriggling 10 pound Lily cat in the other hand...

Tripod would never have worked, no time to back off to use a tripod and keep a wild child on the table!