Sunday, October 15, 2017

New fawn comes to visit with its mother!

 we have a family of deer that  through the years have come drink fresh water and graze and have their pictures taken ...This mother doe brought her fawn to our yard for the lst time yesterday!
What a joy to see the fawn!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lily has her 2nd birthday !

Lily turned 2 years old this month in May of 2017!

Working with a cat to photograph them takes endurance and patience of which I have had to develop over many years!

 I placed  the table cloth and presents and  positioned Lily on the table for photographs. 

 I  returned from the kitchen with the birthday cake  to find she had skidded off the table and drug the entire   table of presents and gifts off the table to the floor! 

 Hope you enjoy the pictures which took me over an hour holding a heavy camera in one hand and a wriggling 10 pound Lily cat in the other hand...

Tripod would never have worked, no time to back off to use a tripod and keep a wild child on the table!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

May flowers!

May is my favorite month to photograph my Sheri's healing flower garden the reason why is that the blooms are numerous, the colors contrasting so well and the garden is filled in with plants and foliage. I have clematis, iris, coneflowers, perennial salvia, butterfly bushes, dwarf guara,tall garden phlox and 80 daylilys.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring has Sprung with a New Family Member named Lily!

April 2016! It has been a long winter but spring is here and Sheri's healing flower garden is greening up with perennials already up a foot out of the ground, butterflys bushes, clematis, salvias, daylilys, iris and coneflowers which will bloom in mid to late May! I have a new child, an addition to the house and her name is Lily! I went to a shelter looking for a kitten white with black markings and had prayed to find this particular kitten as I never had a choice in choosing a kitten, I always took in strays in the yard or out of the woods and spayed or neutered each one and gave them their shots each year and they had a great loving life with us. This little Lily was pulled out of the cage and those shelters make one cringe to go in them. I put her in my arms and she was so shy and light as a feather and 5 months old. I took her home and within 3 days she had come out of her shell and she was climbing my new curtains and all over the new couch and chair and up and down the halls and just totally unmanageable! I wanted a kitten to bond with but my nerves have been shot for the last 5 months! I have put aluminum foil on the couch and that has slowed her down does work but I do not like to have furniture covered with sheets and alum foil to FOIL the cat off them! She has adapted to being walked outside in the yard with a harness...and due to dogs, snakes and more she will have to live this way for her life.. Bro is now inside also since the dog attack last october when I had to euthanize Peebo, the oldest cat. So here are some photos of the 2 cats I have now and some flowers ...blooming on April 2, 2016

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Summer is almost gone...and brought so much joy to Sheri's healing flower garden!

I have not posted in a while..but summer brought some beautiful hummingbirds, some good memories with the 3 cats, Peebo, Bro and Leo. The sad memory was on June 19th my youngest child , Leo a male tabby with white feet that we took in as a stray and had him neutered 5 years ago...came to me when I called him and he was dying he had been bitten by a rattlesnake we loaded him in the car and he died on the way to the vets office.. We brought him home to bury him in the pet cemetary and cried for weeks. He was my lizard hunter and I am sure that is what caused him to be bitten when he jumped for a lizard and his attention was not on the surrounding leaves and area.. I will put a picture of Leo on this post, grey tabby , bottle green eyes and white feet.. I enjoyed all the beautiful flower blooms this summer, the blue sky with huge white clouds, the deer feeding in our yard , squirrels eating peanuts I put on the stump for them and one of the squirrels was enjoying the peanuts so much she just laid down on top of them to eat..which made me laugh out loud. Soon fall will be here with the beautiful falling leaves and I will go out at night and listen to the wild deer stepping on the fallen crisp leaves in the moonlight with the cool night air on my face, which I will welcome after a long hot summer!