Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Peanuts...Boiled Peanuts for Sale

and more of the farmer's market!

Farmer's Market

There are all kinds of green beans, squash, watermelons, pickled items,
tomatoes and peanuts to buy here!

Mama Lou's customers and more

continued... Mama Lou's

The lady said she is the mayor of Mama Lou's.
She said they had her a plaque made and hung on the wall
of the building because she had eaten there every day
since the eighties.
I have the photo of her that day and the plaque on the wall
telling about her as mayor of the restaurant.

More of the food and the little girl with the chicken leg,
the cook and others.....

Mama Lou's

Mama Lou's was featured as the best fried chicken in Alabama
in Southern Living magazine!

I would have to say that their chicken is tops.

I noticed this little girl with a fried chicken leg and I raised my
camera and she posed for me.

She really made this a great story featuring fried chicken and Mama Lou's
near Mobile Alabama.

The compliment of the day for me was that two person's at the restaurant
asked me was I a Food Editor for a major magazine?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

96 year olds still love icecream!

The sequence of photos tell the story!

Friday, July 23, 2010

More of Mobile Bay!

Boaters at the Blue Gill

Boaters coming in by water on their boat for
a cool drink,
A musician Gregg playing on the deck
and our server and others on Mobile Bay,
on the Gulf of Mexico, USA!

The Blue Gill Restaurant

and more of Mobile Bay, Alabama

Mobile Bay on the Gulf of Mexico

I decided to visit the Blue Gill restaurant on Mobile Bay
and have a cool drink on a 102 degree , humid day!

At the back of the deck area there was a narrow, wooden
walkway over the intercoastal waterway.
There were no guard rails, it was just bay water
about 2 feet below the wooden walkway below me.

I had my camera and was looking for dragonflys to photograph,
and almost fell backwards when an alligator appeared below me
and was looking up at me!

Alligators in the Mobile bay are as numerous as ants in an ant hill!

I saw boats bringing in the boom used for the oil well spill in the bay
and marshland areas...will post photos of those for you..

I saw a fisherman who was going out of the canal into the bay to fish...among
the alligators...

Also a young couple coming in on a boat to have a beer at the restaurant
and who had tied their boat off, at the deck area...

A musician who plays on the open deck each day at 6 p.m.

I hope you enjoy the alligators, dragonflys,and the people on Mobile Bay,
Alabama, USA.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Introducing Zack's in Dothan, Alabama

The owner Diane at the register...

and a lady that dines there daily...at one of the table's.

A man who works in the kitchen and all over the restaurant
with his Zack's shirt on that day...