Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ms Spike, here another year to enjoy!

My favorite wild doe that comes daily to our home and
sometimes she brings another doe with her.. She has made it another year past hunting season! I was so happy to see her looking at me from the woods as she approached her water tray and her shelled corn one day this week!

Leo got published today!

my youngest tomcat was published as the Photo of the Month in a magazine that covers 3 states! I was so proud of him... I think the day I took this his smile when he looked up at the sky standing in Sheri's healing flower garden, just stole my heart! I guess it did the publisher of this magazine too!

Tree trimmers!

I found watching a tree trimmer interesting today. I will have to say a tear rolled down my face as a large oak tree fell after he cut it with a saw today. I have feelings for trees, animals and for people.. The energy it takes to climb a tree with spikes on your shoes to pull yourself up the tree and to carry a heavy saw with you and to hang off a limb balancing yourself and to use a power saw made me appreciate that it was not me,
having to do that job.