Sunday, April 10, 2011

A nursery event!

People, dogs , children and flowers!
Pizza, and a hot sultry April day!
Notice the unusual plant in a hanging basket.
It looks like real small canvas jugs or pitchers,
for carrying water, but it is really part of the plant..

A Nursery event!

Lots of perennials, blooming annuals, children , dogs and more
for customer appreciation day!

Best looking chickens!

I have met!

The founders of the Blue Grass Festival !

A couple who are in their 80's began this bluegrass festival.
You will see them riding in a golf cart together..
and other photos from the festival.

Blue grass festival!

People and musicians at the bluegrass festival that follows this
posting..All the same festival...

Blue Grass under Alabama sky!

Bluegrass festival with musicians from Florida, Georgia and Alabama
People there, an older married couple in love that held hands as they walked
throughout the day and the old building that has just about fell down
through many years that has a stage inside where musicians used to play
at night..