Friday, February 11, 2011


This morning at 7 a.m.I walked out to get in the car...
and there stood a Buck!
I stood still and he stood still
for a few seconds!

I had no idea I would ever see him again...because the last
buck I had seen here in my yard or even in the woods or a highway
was 5 years ago!

A few minutes ago I looked out the window and there stood the buck
I saw early this morning and he was eating the shelled dry corn I had put out
for the does today!

He stood there and let me take photos of him and I was totally thrilled
with his cooperation!

Now he is chasing my young does in the yard and up the hill into the woods!

You know I mention that this blog is to hopefully fill you with joy those
that keep up with it and the creatures I photograph, well I am here to tell
you that I was so full of joy, that I bowed my head and thanked God for allowing
me the chance to see such a magnificent creature, as this buck!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birds on a February day!

We have a tree stump in our bird and deer feeding area.

The stump has been falling apart and when we place peanuts
on top of it they fall down through the cracks of the wooded

Today I picked up part of a dish drain board and laid it on top
of the stump..It works !

So , today I had lots of titmouse birds and others visit the stump
and area around it.

The female cardinal had picked up a dry shelled kernel of corn in her
mouth and was sitting in a dogwood tree..

There was a woodpecker on a tree in the feeding area
and a male cardinal, today.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A tribute to the most beautiful doe
that lived in the forest around my home.
She and her mother were here alive for 4
years, until hunters killed them.

I watched this doe as a baby fawn come
by my feeding area and watched her grow
to an adult.

The expression in her eyes was how I recognized
her, there has been no other like "BABY"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Here for another year!

Hunting season for the year has ended
I was so happy to see my favorite Doe Spike and
3 other does and the fawn had lived through the hunting season!
I put some peanuts out on the stump for favorite young doe
that has been here 2 years , coming daily to dine at my home..
you will see the baby doe and her mother eating shelled corn...
I also fed them some loaf bread which you will see in their mouths!