Friday, February 11, 2011


This morning at 7 a.m.I walked out to get in the car...
and there stood a Buck!
I stood still and he stood still
for a few seconds!

I had no idea I would ever see him again...because the last
buck I had seen here in my yard or even in the woods or a highway
was 5 years ago!

A few minutes ago I looked out the window and there stood the buck
I saw early this morning and he was eating the shelled dry corn I had put out
for the does today!

He stood there and let me take photos of him and I was totally thrilled
with his cooperation!

Now he is chasing my young does in the yard and up the hill into the woods!

You know I mention that this blog is to hopefully fill you with joy those
that keep up with it and the creatures I photograph, well I am here to tell
you that I was so full of joy, that I bowed my head and thanked God for allowing
me the chance to see such a magnificent creature, as this buck!

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