Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sundays meal 4

The Pork Loin , sweet potatoes, Beets and Asparagus casserole served along with ice tea with a lemon wedge!

Sundays meal 3

Add some flowers!

Sundays meal 2

I used to be able to post 5 photos on this blog and download them with no problems...I have asked for help and not gotten any help on the downloading..I can only download one photo per post for the last year. I wish someone would email me and tell me if they have the same problem with downloading more than one photo PER post.. Here is the rest of the meal , but I have to post 5 new posts in order to get all 5 photographs of the Sunday meal on my blog.. Here you see the Dinnerware on the table before the flowers are added and the meal! Enjoy as it progresses along!

Sundays Meal!