Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fawn Babies on the way!

I noticed today that two of my wild does are pregnant with baby fawns.
I named one doe Spike as I was not sure she was a female when she was small
so now she is having her first baby fawn in the fall...and she is a female
about to be a mother in September or October.

I also added some other photos of her this year..

Monday, June 28, 2010

Princess, a working cat!

I was at a nursery and sat down on a bench
to enjoy the shade from a tree on a 100 degree
summer day!
I met Princess as she jumped up on the table and
rubbed her head upon the side of my face!

The owner Deanna, said she is their work cat
because she lives there to hunt mice at night
at the nursery store and grounds.

I had met her last week and decided to take a gift
bag to Princess today when I returned and ask the owners
would they break their rules and feed Princess the pouch
food and treats I took her today..
In the gift bag were paper plates, plastic knife to feed
Princess ...also treats with minerals, salmon, and a toy pink rat!

Hope you enjoy the series of photos of Princess.
Princess has aids, the cat version...
My heart went out to her...she enjoyed the treats
I fed her...and the love she got today!

Friday, June 25, 2010


These are the Ruby Red Throat hummingbirds
at my home!
Most you see are females but the one with the
red throat is a male hummingbird!
They enjoy phlox and salvia plants sipping
their nectar .
I also put out fresh hummingbird food for them
each week in their feeders!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scenes from the lakeside!

I was enjoying the lakeside when a slight movement caught my eye.
There was the first heron I have seen in the wild in my lifetime!
It was hunting for fish in the edge of the lake in the grass.
I was worried about an alligator or snake killing the heron
as it looked for a fish.

I also saw a plant growing out of the water in reflecting
green lake water...
On top of the plant was this orange dragonfly!

It was a hot day close to 100 degrees...
but sitting in the shade of a tree...these
were a delight to see!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where the highway leads!

We decided to take a ride and found this quaint cafe that serves
Southern cooking!
We walked inside and it was quite dark compared to the bright
sunshine outside and the 96 degree, humid day!

Our waitress was very reserved and quiet, upon meeting her in the cafe.

The food was great and I am posting the food
photos below for you to enjoy!

They had fried cornbread as large as your hand shaped into thin
Fried chicken, Fried Salmon patties, Fried catfish, steamed cabbage,
macaroni and cheese, yellow rice, and peach cobbler and other
slices of cakes and pies and sweet ice tea with lemon or unsweet
ice tea with lemon and a salad bar!

Needless to say, I never used the salad bar!

I do not eat this way every day so I decided to enjoy the food!

After I had returned with my camera to take photographs of the food and
the inside of the cafe...our waitress ran forward and struck this pose!

I laughed so hard as I took her picture that I almost dropped the camera!
The entire cafe patrons started to laugh and it did us all a lot of good to laugh!
She was a character..and I enjoyed photgraphing her!

Hope you enjoy the visit to The Country Kitchen in Eufaula, Alabama
as much as we did!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thunder Head Clouds!

I find the wind blowing in my hair, and the breeze on my face
just before a thunder storm as the sky darkens to be


Clouds and their formations always fascinate me
especially when the sun shines on them
with a blue sky as the background!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Road Trips

When you are a passenger in the car that is traveling 60 miles an hour
there is not much you can take on the road!
However, here is a road trip with a series of highways
in the countryside of Alabama.