Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beautiful Boy, Peebo!

The Creatures Cafe!

The stump that has become so well known to you,
on which all God's creatures come to dine
is about to disintegrate.
This morning I had to carefully place peanuts
on the top, not letting them fall through the holes
in the wood!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Romance is in the air!

February 7th
I woke up this morning and looked out the bedroom window and
there was a very rare sight to behold, which was a young
buck deer with a young female doe that he was nuzzling
on the nose!

They were a romantic pair at least for today!

Hunting season just ended a couple of weeks ago
and I was so glad so that these
two could enjoy their date today!

I have only been fortunate enough to see 2 bucks in 16 years
in my yard area which is all forest around me!

Maybe I will have a newborn fawn coming to feed with
the mother next fall!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More of Bro

All it takes to make a not so pretty animal become beautiful
if only in the owner's eyes...
is to feed them a dry cat food for urinary tract health with vitamins, fresh
water, a flea medication, brush them , provide a doghouse insulated for each cat

with 6 fleece blankets in it, on the porch for winter and a sheet only for summer
in the dog house, on the porch.
Give them lots of petting and lots of love each day!
I think you will be blessed for taking care of any animal
in this way..


I found Peebo under a hydrangea bush on a 100F degree day in July of 2006.
His little green eyes were clouded over and he was in poor shape.
How he came to my house through a woods full of coyotes, bobcat,
and snakes I have no idea.
Here he is as a tiny kitten and now as a 20lb tomcat who rules

Ms Kitty

16 years old!




All of my cats have been strays that I got at an animal shelter or that came
to visit in my yard and became a part of my family, after spaying or neutering
each one and giving them their vaccinations!

More cat memories of Lily!

Cats that have a place in my heart forever!

Lily on her only birthday, her lst birthday!