Monday, June 27, 2011

Black legged Egret!

A visit to the Bass Pro Shop!

Bass Pro shops are fascinating to visit.
they sell honey, jams, clothing such as hats,
fishing tackle and rods and so much more!

Bass Pro Shop

I like to see animals in the wild and alive, not killed...for trophies.
At first I was put off seeing the fox and others done by an excellent

However, I got to thinking...

that some children would never see these animals such as a beaver,
deer, fox and black bears if they did not see them on display here
in the store..

These stores are so perfectly neat, the clothes are kept stacked
perfect all day long, someone goes around and restacks them
and you never see an employee doing that chore..


Gulf of Mexico ocean, Gulf s

Gulf shores Alabama is on the Gulf of Mexico.
It does have sugar white beaches as you can see..
in these photos..

My favorite beaches because they have the whitest sand
and the ocean is so clear are in Panama City Beach, Florida
and Grayton Beach, Florida.

In the ocean there you can wade out shoulder deep and see
your toes on the ocean floor, that is clear emerald green
ocean water!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

About Daylilies!

Daylilies bloom anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.
Each morning a new bloom unfurls as the first ray of
light shows up!
Each bloom last one day letting it see the world
for 24 hours.
Each morning the proud gardener goes out to photograph
or just admire their daylily bloom and then when
night falls you pick the bloom off , so that another
bloom will have lots of room to unfurl at dawn the
following day!
I pick my blooms off and place them in a bucket each
day as you can see in the earlier photographs on my blog.
They say the blooms are edible, but my wild deer nor I have
found them to be tasty!


Daylilies and Leo, Garden Cat

Tuesday, June 21, 2011