Monday, May 9, 2011

My boys!

The grass is greening up and we have temperatures of 95 this week and humid!

I decided to follow the cats around the yard and take some photos..

Little Leo, with white the youngest cat, 9 months old and was bitten by a rattlesnake
3 weeks ago..

he came down out of the woods limping and his paw swelling
I called the vet after hours and we took him and one of the snakes fangs went
in his right paw..a drop of blood and pus was on top of his furry paw..

He gave him a shot of cortizone..and antibiotics and kept him in a cage overnight
then the same shot the next am..and he came home with me in 24 hours!

He is back in the woods chasing lizards and I can not keep him out of
danger..I am loving him while I can and perhaps he will never be bitten again,
lets pray so..

So here is Bro, my husband's lapcat posing in the grass, Leo the youngest,
and Peebo our 20 lb tomcat posing in the edge of the woods..

All of them have insulated doghouses...and of course the very best fleece blankets for winter..and bed linens /white sheets for summer in their doghouses!