Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gathering pecans!

We take for granted that everyone across Planet Earth knows how a pecan grows.. Someone ask me did it grow underground like a peanut? So here is the pecan tree, and here are the pecans.. in photos...
If you do not have the money to have someone shake each pecan tree to make the pecans fall out at one you can pick them all up...then you have to do it the hard way ... which is to wait till the pecan is loose in the shell and drops on its own.. That will cause you to have a hurting back and arms for 2 weeks... picking up each day with a bucket..crawling along the ground... picking up pecans! I hope you enjoy the photos... and feel like you are in the pecan orchard..but not having to work picking up pecans! I think you will have a new appreciation for the nut called a Pecan!

Lots of pecans on the tree!

More pecans on the pecan tree!

A leaf on the pecan tree!

More pecans on the tree!

Pecan on the tree!

The Pecan Tree

What does a pecan look like?

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Kahalley House near Mobile, Alabama!

If anyone that blogs reads this..any members that have blogs...
I am not able to download but l photo at a time and use it as a new post only.. Will you leave me a message as how to get a simpler downloader for this blog...or how to download 5 photos per post on here? It always allowed me 5 photos to download per post until 2 months ago. Thanks, Sheri

a little more of Kahalley House

more of Kahalley House dining!

continued of Kahalley House

more of Kahalley House!

Photos of Kahalley House!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dr Ruppel clematis in October!

Coneflowers Merlot


Butterflys on a Coneflower!


I think such simple things as acorns are beautiful, shiny and smooth... Deer come to eat them in our yard...surrounded by the forest.. A hickory tree leaf and acorns make a good photograph to me!

Dining on Southern Food with Sheri !

When I was a child we had a vegetable garden on the farm in South Carolina USA. My mother would dig the hole and I would drop 5 green bean seed in the hole then cover it up and pray for rain. I never pass by fresh flat green beans in any produce stand or store without looking at them or buying some to cook! I snapped these flat green beans, then fried fatback which is a meat for seasoning vegetables and added water, salt and pepper and cooked them for a little over l hour today. I had beef roast, an organic sweet potato that was worth the money I paid for it with beets, candied apple rings and ice tea with lemon.. Wish you could have had this dinner today!

Southern Cooking 4

Southern cooking 3

Southern Cooking 2

Southern cooking photos

Ms Kitty age 19 crosses the Rainbow Bridge today.

I have sent the Rainbow Bridge poem to people across the world when they had to put a pet down..euthanize it or died at home with them.. Today I read it for myself Ms Kitty passed over to the rainbow bridge at 9:50 am today, November 15th, Tuesday morning.. I asked the vet assistant would she go in the room with Ms Kitty and say Ms kitty you are a good girl.. and she did..
She was euthanized this morning... I had prayed for an answer and cried till my chest is about to burst and my heart is heavy... I had no idea I would take it this hard ... Because Ms Kitty never was one to lie on me or be groomed... I would let her in the daytime and she went to her bed in the corner and laid down for hours to sleep and was content to be near me in the house.. At night I would always go slide my hand under her belly and get her out of her inside bed near me and she would snarl and hiss at me while we went out the door to her doghouse on the front porch.. I would always say..Ms Kitty HOW CAN YOU ACT THAT WAY TO ME? I would always smile when she did it..She was a cranky old girl... So thank you all for your prayers for Larry and I and Ms kitty.. She is in a pillowcase and inside a clear plastic storage container and will be buried in our pet cemetary .... which is under a huge old oak tree on the hillside overlooking the front of our home....they are always near us.. in that cemetary are Buzz a white rat terrier...Lily a cat and Snooty a daushand.. Now Ms kitty has joined them in heaven... Thank you again Sheri and Larry