Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gathering pecans!

We take for granted that everyone across Planet Earth knows how a pecan grows.. Someone ask me did it grow underground like a peanut? So here is the pecan tree, and here are the pecans.. in photos...
If you do not have the money to have someone shake each pecan tree to make the pecans fall out at one you can pick them all up...then you have to do it the hard way ... which is to wait till the pecan is loose in the shell and drops on its own.. That will cause you to have a hurting back and arms for 2 weeks... picking up each day with a bucket..crawling along the ground... picking up pecans! I hope you enjoy the photos... and feel like you are in the pecan orchard..but not having to work picking up pecans! I think you will have a new appreciation for the nut called a Pecan!