Monday, June 28, 2010

Princess, a working cat!

I was at a nursery and sat down on a bench
to enjoy the shade from a tree on a 100 degree
summer day!
I met Princess as she jumped up on the table and
rubbed her head upon the side of my face!

The owner Deanna, said she is their work cat
because she lives there to hunt mice at night
at the nursery store and grounds.

I had met her last week and decided to take a gift
bag to Princess today when I returned and ask the owners
would they break their rules and feed Princess the pouch
food and treats I took her today..
In the gift bag were paper plates, plastic knife to feed
Princess ...also treats with minerals, salmon, and a toy pink rat!

Hope you enjoy the series of photos of Princess.
Princess has aids, the cat version...
My heart went out to her...she enjoyed the treats
I fed her...and the love she got today!

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