Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where the highway leads!

We decided to take a ride and found this quaint cafe that serves
Southern cooking!
We walked inside and it was quite dark compared to the bright
sunshine outside and the 96 degree, humid day!

Our waitress was very reserved and quiet, upon meeting her in the cafe.

The food was great and I am posting the food
photos below for you to enjoy!

They had fried cornbread as large as your hand shaped into thin
Fried chicken, Fried Salmon patties, Fried catfish, steamed cabbage,
macaroni and cheese, yellow rice, and peach cobbler and other
slices of cakes and pies and sweet ice tea with lemon or unsweet
ice tea with lemon and a salad bar!

Needless to say, I never used the salad bar!

I do not eat this way every day so I decided to enjoy the food!

After I had returned with my camera to take photographs of the food and
the inside of the cafe...our waitress ran forward and struck this pose!

I laughed so hard as I took her picture that I almost dropped the camera!
The entire cafe patrons started to laugh and it did us all a lot of good to laugh!
She was a character..and I enjoyed photgraphing her!

Hope you enjoy the visit to The Country Kitchen in Eufaula, Alabama
as much as we did!

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