Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Children on a Carousel!

Children on a carousel!

Children always seem to amuse me in that there is one
in the crowd who will start a conversation with me.

One little boy with red hair climbs on the lion
and looks at me with my camera and says

You know
he is the king of the jungle, don't you?

I said , yes he is and may I take your photograph
riding the King of the Jungle, the lion?

This little red headed boy reminded me of my nephew
Stacy..when he was that age...I came into the family
when Stacy was the age of this outspoken little boy!

There was a little girl who loved the elephant,
who pretended to be in the air riding Dumbo!

There was a boy who loved the Sea Horse,
and others
that waved at me and were excited..to ride the

Laughter is so good for one's soul!

My soul recieved some joy today and I hope
you get joy in your soul...

from these children's photographs!

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