Monday, August 31, 2009


Sheridragonfly: "I love the time of dusk and the way the shadows fall from the forest...

I love the full moon...

Nothing is more exciting to me than a Meteor shower in August.

I lie on my back and watch all the meteors flying across the sky , in all directions..

and I think to myself.. what a great universe God created for us to enjoy!"

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Jeanne said...


In the summertime, we get lots of fireflies in our woods and it's so pretty!

This year, our daughter got to wake up in the middle of the night to go outside and watch the Perseid meteor shower. It wasn't the best year for viewing where we live but we got to see some.

The beauty of nature is healing for me. I have learned to appreciate nature more as a I grow older. Having grown up in a suburban area, I now see and hear things (living in the country) that I never got to see/hear when I was younger.

Where I grew up, I never once saw the moon rise. It was always obscured by buildings and trees. Where I live now, I get to see the moon rise and it's spectacular.

In November, we sometimes can see the Northern Lights from our yard. It is so beautiful!