Sunday, December 6, 2009

Southern Fried Chicken!

In the Southern United States of America, we have a food dish we
really like to dine on at noon...

Fried chicken..
You take the chicken, soak it in buttermilk all night, in the refrigerator
then take it out salt it and roll each piece in flour.
Pour a deep pot half full of oil...and heat..
Drop the pieces of chicken into the hot oil and fry till it is done..

To make the gravy you pour off all the oil, except for about 3 tablespoons
in the bottom of the pot..add flour and black pepper..stir and let it turn
light brown...Then stand back a little from the pot and add 2 cups of
water..It sizzles, stir and let thicken some... and then you have homemade gravy!

We also have fried cornbread...
You blend the dry corn meal with water... salt and then mold the corn meal into the palm of your hand,then slide it gently into
the shallow pan of hot oil and brown on each side..turning it once in the pan..

Now to the favorite drink in the south...
Iced Tea with fresh lemon..
You can have sweet ice tea or
you can have unsweetened ice tea..
No one can have a southern meal without ice tea!

Now you must have good friends, and good conversation
and you can find those in the southern united states of America..
if you are friendly and enjoy people..


Wild Canary said...

Love your style!

Dorothy said...

Now that's Southern!

celtic_mist said...

Hi Sheri, That recipe sounds very interesting, can't wait to try it! Robert