Thursday, March 17, 2011


Leo, my newest cat arrived here out of the woods the week before

I consider he was a gift from God and Jesus Christ
because he has brought me much comfort and much love, and I would
like to think I have done the same for him, a stray kitten.

When he ran up the steps to me the first day we saw each other
Leo acted as if he had lost his mother and
found her in me

I was scared the kitten was rabid..and backed
off from it..

I laugh now about it..

This kitten was determined
to get a home and he shows great determination in his personality
even today at 8 months old!

Leo bonded with the biggest tomcat here
so that he would protect him and that was Peebo who weighs 20lbs and has
nothing to do much with me or the other cats!

Our grass is beginning to turn green now that it is spring, later
I will have a more colorful background to take cat photos outside
when the flowers bloom and the grass turns emerald green!

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