Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A spring walk!

Yesterday I decided to take a walk down the driveway.
I found some beautiful flowers in bloom and I think they
are yellow jasmine wild in the trees.

As I walked back I heard footsteps near me in the woods
walking along with me..I thought our wild deer had crossed
the highway and were coming to my home to eat their daily
pitcher of shelled corn and fresh water...

I looked through the trees and there were 2 wild hogs
looking at me.

Each one had to weight 250 lbs and
I would think they weighed more than that weight.

I had been warned how dangerous they are and how large
their tusks are on wild boar hogs..
I just had to try to take their photo. I did not have
professional zoom lens to attach etc, and this was
as clear as I could take the photo and it nearly dark
There were no low limbs to climb had they charged
me , all trees were really tall...

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