Saturday, September 8, 2012

Leo loves the waterfall drinking fountain!

I wish these had been for sale years ago as I have had cats or a dog all my life! We purchased this Drinkwell Platinum pet waterer and hooked it up with its charcoal filter and we put filtered water in it out of our filtered water in our refrigerator. The youngest 2 year old tomcat came to the waterer and he splashed and played in it, and then he began to drink from the waterfall stream. I laughed and laughed so happy that he is now drinking water all during the day! He never really liked water but he loves the fresh, filtered , cold water! He did stop splashing the water and just drinks now. Hopefully the 2 older tomcats will start to enjoy it too! I wanted to help prevent urinary problems by getting them to increase their water consumption.
This is the Drinkwell platinum pet waterer.. sold at Petsmart and online through Amazon. You only replace the charcoal filters once a month I bought extra charcoal filters to have at home when I need to change it.