Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pulling corn for the deer!

Corn prices have rocketed so we were offered some free corn in a field that is overgrown with weeds and sandspurs. It was hot today and we went to gather corn for the 6 wild does that come to our home every day to eat and drink. Different ones will come for years until the hunting season and some may not survive through hunting season. We should be having a fawn arriving one day with its mother to our yard..if it survived the predators
They hide the new fawns in tall weeds while the mother doe goes off to eat during the day..until the fawn is strong enough to travel miles each day with its mother.. I saw a newborn fawn last week that was in the highway standiing there and no larger than a puppy.. We stopped the car until it went back to the tall roadside weeds to wait for its mother. It was a beautiful light tan color with white spots.