Monday, April 19, 2010


As Bro and I were walking in Sheri's Healing Flower Garden
this morning, there was a ray of sunshine that highlighted
this lizard sitting on a daylily.

I looked closely as I spoke to the lizard and saw it appeared to be
eating aphids off my plant.

I was happy with the image of this lizard, it was
clear, good expression and light..and I used auto focus
to take the photograph.

I also have included some other lizards in my flower garden.
I have no fear of lizards...
They have a lot of expression in their eyes and I enjoy
photographing them!


Kittie Howard said...

Sheri, I've been away from the computer for a bit, and your posts were a glorious way to return. I thought your magnificent azaleas and garden looked Southern but went to your profile to make sure, yep! OMG, the lizard pics were NatGeo super. And, full disclosure: I LOVE cats! I so understood when you said that the way to take photos of cats is to think a bit like one. Your guys are beautiful and what a beautiful garden for adventures. However, most of all I loved the pics with your girls and the dog near the water. Your son's handsome, too, and the hot dog yummy, but the first pic with the girls looked truly portrait professional...actually, they all did. Maybe you are a professional photographer. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend.

sebi_2569 said...

very interesant blog;and beautiful photo, bravo