Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring, dogwoods, wild azaleas, azaleas, and a cat named Bro!

Cats are wonderful creatures.
I love to see my cats lie in the flower bed
and follow me in the yard!


KathyB. said...

Beautiful garden, beautiful cat. What is his / her name? I love to see my cats following and sitting near by as I garden too.

Kittie Howard said...

So beautiful...spring truly feeds the soul. When I read where Bro followed you around, I smiled and remembered Chena and son, Chester, who did the same. Cats have such presence, meow such confidence, radiate such wisdom....

Sheri said...

Thank you both for enjoying my photos..
Bro is a tomcat that was stray and we had him neutered and his shots. He is quite a talker
and a lapcat..very loving..

We also have a 16 year old female cat, Ms Kitty who rests a lot ...she is not able to walk the yard due to arthritis..and cataracts
but she is treated just as well as the tomcats and we love her..and show her that love...with treats and petting and we do let her come inside to rest when she wants to be near us.

My other tomcat Peebo weighs almost 20lbs and is outdoors and a hunter..He is not a lapcat
but he does come at night to lie down by me on the couch for an hour before he goes out at night...

The cats all have large nice insulated doghouses on the pretty veranda area..
and they have as many as 8 fleece blankets in each house in the winter time..
I wish all animals were loved and had a home like ours do..

Paul Foster said...

Wow looks like you live in a wonderful area Sheri,fantastic setting.Looks like you`ve got your handsfull with the children/cats and a Jack Russel.
When I was a young lad my parents used to have a Jack Russel, always remember my mam calling it a four legged shark,it was mad!